The TXLP series heating cables are used to insulate pipelines in the subway.

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2022-08-26 17:18

In the ventilation shafts of metro stations, station entrances and exits, interval openings, fire extinguishing pipelines without a reporting year and pipelines of production and domestic water supply, electric heating is required to preserve heat. Non-freezing of the pipeline due to active heating and heat preservation.

The composition of the electric heating system of pipelines:

Electric heating insulation control unit. Heating cables, power cables, control cables, temperature sensors, insulation and identification of pipes, etc.

The working principle of electric heating:

But when the pipe temperature is lower than the set temperature, the electric heating system will automatically start the heating circuit to start working, that is, heat the pipe, and the pipe temperature will rise. Temperature, the heating system will automatically stop heating. This electric heating system is done in cycles so that the insulation of the pipeline is always stable, in order to actively heat the pipeline and ensure the normal operation of the pipeline system in the winter. To ensure the effect of electric heating, the temperature sensor is installed at the appropriate place at the lowest point of the pipeline.

Introduction of heating cable system

The heating cable system consists of a thermostat (equipped with a temperature sensor) and a heating cable. The sheath material of the insulation layer selected for the HN heating cable has excellent corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high heat resistance and flexibility, and has a long service life. And passed the demonstration and testing of various reputable organizations, such as the National Center for Wire and Cable Quality Control and Inspection and the National Center for Home Appliances Testing.

Parameters of TXLP heating cable

Outer sheath: blue PVC/rubber/fluoride material

Internal insulation: XLPE/rubber/fluoride material

Ground wire: tin Copper Wire

Connector Type: Implicit Connector

Protective Layer: Aluminum Foil/Metal Braided Mesh

Inner Conductor: Alloy resistive wire copper wire

Power voltage: AC220V

Outer diameter: 7.2mm

Linear power: 17 W/m, 18.5 W/m

Cold line length: 2.25 m

Maximum surface temperature: 65 °C

Minimum Bending Rate: 5D

Executive Standard: GB/T 20841 IEC 60800 IEC606332-1

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