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BJW-51 explosion-proof temperature controller

The explosion-proof thermostat is used in combination with an electric cable, which can control the temperature of the heated pipe in place, so that the temperature of the medium can be controlled at the temperature level required for the process, and has an energy saving effect.

Ordinary Junction Box

The non-explosion-proof junction box (cabinet) is a steel sheet sheath that is used to distribute power to electric heating in non-explosion-proof rooms.

Explosion proof junction box

Applications: 1. Applicable to hazardous gases in Zone 1 and Zone 2; 2. Applicable to explosive gas and steam environments of Group IIA and IIB T1-T5;

Electrical Heater Box

BX series heat preservation and instrument protection boxes are used to keep the heat and protect primary instruments or transducers installed in place, and are an important way to install primary instruments or transducers in place.

Intermediate Frequency Power Cabinet

The intermediate frequency power supply is the main part of the intelligent intermediate frequency fuel oil regeneration technology and a complete set of equipment.

Intelligent power frequency control system

The special junction box for intelligent frequency regulation system can be used both inside and outside the room.

Remote control system

With the remote control system, you can understand the on-site operation and change the parameters (such as setting temperature, hysteresis, etc. E.)

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