Self-limiting temperature electric heating cable is suitable for the insulation of polar vessels.

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2022-08-26 16:49

Ships on the polar tracks collide with a low-temperature environment, and temperatures can reach-50 ° C, which affects the normal and safe operation of ships. In order to ensure the normal operation of the vessel and to ensure the safe operating conditions of the ship's equipment, it is necessary to provide appropriate measures to isolate the equipment, instruments and piping systems that ensure the normal operation of the vessel.

According to the relevant requirements of the PMRS specification for equipment, systems and equipment, the following measures are provided:

Equipment: The equipment shall be in accordance with the normal use of the low base temperature of-50 ℃. If the equipment itself cannot meet this requirement, additional heating measures must be added to ensure that the ambient temperature of the equipment meets the requirements for use;
System: It is necessary to ensure the fluidity of the liquid in the oil, water and other system pipelines, and the part of the system in the open deck area must be equipped with heating means;
Equipment parts, such as handrails, railings, aisles, doors, etc. D., should be supplemented with heating equipment to ensure that they do not freeze at extremely low temperatures to facilitate the evacuation of personnel.
In terms of ease of operation, maintainability and practicality, electric heating is an excellent choice. Thanks to electric heating technology, it can ensure the normal use of the above-mentioned related equipment, systems and components.

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