Long-range coal molasses briquettes electric heating pipeline

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2022-08-27 17:39

As a new construction technology developed in my country, the molasses pipeline for coal briquettes is basically the installation and commissioning of the electric heating system in the coal briquettes molasses pipeline project. Due to the high viscosity of the most technical honey under normal conditions, it flows poorly through the pipeline. Faced with such a problem, how to effectively solve the normal flow of industrial honey in the pipeline has become a key problem that is difficult to solve. In the coal briquetting project, to prevent the honey from solidifying and the pipeline being blocked, the key technology has become the installation of an electric heating system with a heat preservation device in the project, which effectively solves the problem in the pipeline. The honey phenomenon and the problem of sugar flow have played a good role in promoting the construction of coal briquettes. Compared with the original conventional steam-type heating system, the electric heating system can effectively solve the complex procedures encountered when building long-distance industrial coal briquettes pipelines.

LLHCL ultra-long distance heating cable

The LLHCL ultra-long distance heating cable is a series of high-efficiency resistance heaters that are used for ultra-long length pipelines requiring temperature maintenance or freezing protection. Are used to minimize the number of power points, and a single power point can provide long-distance heating of the line.

Straying LLHCL long cables provide constant power per unit length of the circuit, preventing the voltage from decreasing as the circuit length increases. The solid metal shell increases mechanical strength, protects against external damage during laying and provides excellent fire performance compared to most cables.

Super long distance heating LLHCL cable


Electric heating cable temperature resistance


Heating circuit length km


maintain temperature


supply voltage k


Product installation diagram

(1) when the pipeline is pre-manufactured and insulated, three protective grooves are fixed on the pipeline and then filled And are manufactured by factory;

(2) When connecting pipes in place, make sure the protective grooves are aligned to ensure displacement ≤ 2mm to protect the heating cable sheath from cutting when pulling the heating cable;

(3) The length of the side of the protective groove is 2;

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