Application of outdoor electric heating cable in oil main pipelines with high paraffin content

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2023-06-02 10:57

Long-distance transport pipelines for high paraffin crude oil with freezing temperatures above 50 °C. According to the requirements of the production plan of the plant, the volume of oil transportation through the pipeline is 150 thousand rubles. Tons per year, maximum-200 thousand Tons per year.. According to the thermodynamic analysis of the pipeline, the initial supply temperature of the pipeline is 80 ° C (TN), and the temperature of the end entering the tank is 60 ° C (Tu). Since the transportation temperature needs to be adjusted according to the time of year, it sometimes needs to be transported by heat.


Since the transmission medium is oil with high paraffin content and high freezing temperature, the pipeline must have heating means in the following cases: conditions cannot be satisfied; ② The pipeline stops and returns back When the pump cannot be started; ③ When the pipeline has been cut off for a long time, the start of the return pump is uneconomical; ④ When the pipeline condenses due to accident. Based on the above reasons, it is necessary to install means for electric heating of pipelines.

There are two ways to choose pipeline heating: steam heating and electric heating. Since the pipeline length of the Fushun petrochemical plant is about 10 km, steam heating is not used, so electric heating on the skin effect was chosen.

The SECT principle is based on AC "skin effect" and "proximity effect" Due to the strong magnetic permeability of the steel pipe, a significant skin effect will occur even at the industrial frequency voltage. The so-called skin-effect is a phenomenon in which an alternating current passes through a carbon steel conductor, a current gradually becomes splashed on the surface of the conductor, and the proximity effect is an electromagnetic phenomenon between a pair of electrical bodies with opposite currents, in the heating tube When the current passes between the cable and the heat pipe, The current on the heating pipe gradually tends to the inner wall of the heating pipe, and this is the joule heat generated by this thin inner wall to meet the needs of electric heating.


The heating distance of the steam heating system is short, the final temperature is low, and the automatic control cannot be realized. Cable heating and electric belt heating are more suitable for local and short-distance heating, such as for valve heating and heating, valve parts, bypass, pipe and short pipe at stations. In order to heat the medium-and long-length pipelines, due to the low power of a single heating cable and a larger power supply, in the event of a problem and difficulty of maintenance, all insulation layers must be removed to replace the heating cable. Heating with skin effect is high safety, high reliability, easy maintenance, high heating temperature (when using carbon steel pipe, the heating temperature can reach 260 °, the maximum can reach 650 °), high power density, long heating distance (the heating distance of the power source can reach 25 kilometers), and it is suitable for main pipelines, Of various caliber pipelines and high temperature heating cases. It is the safest, most reliable and economical long-distance heating tracking method, so it is widely used in the assembly and transportation of various pipelines.

For temperature monitoring and trunk alarm, the data transmission can be carried through GSM network and optical fiber. It has the characteristics of reliable data transmission, easy network connection, low cost and high system scalability. This is an ideal solution for current remote data transfer.

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