Which electric heating cable should be considered for a 4 km pipeline

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2023-06-03 09:36

According to the statistics of the Hydrometeorological Center, the average daily minimum temperature at the location of the CNPC oil depot is 5 ° C, and the average daily maximum temperature is 14 ° C. Since the freezing point of the PX is about 15 °C, the supply pipeline needs heat preservation and heating. The oil depot has been in operation for many years without a stable source of steam, therefore, this project is considering the use of electric heating technology.


Many factors should be considered when choosing electric heating method, such as applicability, economy, power conditions, maximum maintenance temperature, environmental conditions, etc. D. Design principles in practical applications are analyzed below.

The heat resistance class of electric heating products should be selected according to the operation temperature of the pipeline and the periodic maximum operating temperature., since the freezing point temperature of the PX pipeline is about 15 °C, it is more appropriate to increase the accuracy and temperature control margin by 5 °C, so the service temperature is set at 20 °C. The main function of the pipeline is the transportation of raw materials, so the maximum operating temperature is the steam purging temperature of the pipeline 180 ° C.

The type of electric heating should be selected according to the power supply conditions and application characteristics. According to the application situation in recent years, the long-term self-regulating power supply and heating mainly use the power mode with 1/3 switching distance once, and the three-phase power supply and heating cable are laid in the same direction. However, three-phase balance is difficult to achieve in practical applications, resulting in increased neutral current and low-voltage network losses. In addition, due to the design features of the self-regulating heating cable (PTC characteristics), a large starting current (5-8 times) will be generated when the power is turned on, the maximum use length is limited, the power of the control element is large, and the heating power is small 1. High-polymer materials age easily and reduce thermal efficiency. Therefore, for main heating networks, three-phase sequential constant power electric heating is more suitable than self-regulating electric heating.


The electric heating system of the PH pipeline was put into operation within one year, and the actual operation shows that the project is easy to operate and reliable.

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