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Ultra-long Heating Cable

Ultra-long distance heating cable The LLHCL is a series of high-efficiency resistance heaters that are used for ultra-long length pipelines requiring temperature maintenance or freezing protection.

Self-adjustable low temperature series

Shandong Huaning designed low temperature self-regulating electric heating belt suitable for common areas, hazardous areas, corrosion zones, etc. D. And used to keep heat, prevent coagulation and freezing. The standard color of the low temperature self-regulating electric heating belt is black or blue, and the main belt can withstand temperatures up to 90 °C.

Self-monitoring temperature series

The standard color of Shandong Huaning's ZWK self-regulating mid-temperature electric heating belt is brown, main type, shielding explosion-proof type, protection type, explosion-proof type, explosion-proof and anti-corrosion type, and can withstand temperatures up to 125 °C. After checking the heating efficiency, the power of the electric heating belt should remain at 90% of the original value.

High temperature self-control series

A series of red high temperature self-regulating electric heating cables (self-regulating electric heating cables) developed by Shandong Huaning are widely used for heating, heat preservation, preventing coagulation and freezing of pipelines and storage tanks.

Heating cables with mineral insulation

Mineral insulated heating cables are classified according to the outer sheath: mineral insulated heating cable with stainless steel sheath-MISS, mineral insulated heating cable made of stainless steel anti-corrosion outer sheath-(MISS-FEP), mineral insulated heating cable made of alloy 825 sheath-(MISS).

Heating Cable For Oil Well

Oil well heating cable is a product specially designed for oil production. This can significantly improve the average throughput safely, quickly and efficiently.

Continuous Heating Cable of Steel Pipe

The continuous heating system of steel pipes is an electrical heating system that integrates heating and thawing in oil and gas production, liquid and gas transportation through pipelines. Since the protective layer of the cable is a steel pipe, it is compatible with P46, polyethylene, polypropylene cables.

Circulating electric heater

The circulation electric heater is a method of heating the liquid by forced convection of the pump. It has small size, high heating power, high thermal efficiency, high operating temperature and pressure, the maximum operating temperature can reach 600 °C, and the pressure resistance can reach 20 MPa.

Flange cluster electric heater

Flange cluster electric heater is a popular all over the world high quality and durable electric heating equipment. Heating, heat preservation and heating of leaking liquid and gaseous media.

Channel electric heater

The electric air duct heater is mainly used to heat the air in the air duct. The specifications are divided into three types: low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature. The general design is that the steel plate is used to support the electric heating tube.

Immersion Electric Heater

The submersible electric heater is mainly used in the case of direct contact heating of the liquid. It has the characteristics of fast heat exchange and high thermal efficiency. It is divided into water heaters, oil heaters and gas heaters.

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