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Self-adjustable low temperature series

Shandong Huaning designed low temperature self-regulating electric heating belt suitable for common areas, hazardous areas, corrosion zones, etc. D. And used to keep heat, prevent coagulation and freezing. The standard color of the low temperature self-regulating electric heating belt is black or blue, and the main belt can withstand temperatures up to 90 °C.

Self-monitoring temperature series

The standard color of Shandong Huaning's ZWK self-regulating mid-temperature electric heating belt is brown, main type, shielding explosion-proof type, protection type, explosion-proof type, explosion-proof and anti-corrosion type, and can withstand temperatures up to 125 °C. After checking the heating efficiency, the power of the electric heating belt should remain at 90% of the original value.

High temperature self-control series

A series of red high temperature self-regulating electric heating cables (self-regulating electric heating cables) developed by Shandong Huaning are widely used for heating, heat preservation, preventing coagulation and freezing of pipelines and storage tanks.

Heating cables with mineral insulation

Mineral insulated heating cables are classified according to the outer sheath: mineral insulated heating cable with stainless steel sheath-MISS, mineral insulated heating cable made of stainless steel anti-corrosion outer sheath-(MISS-FEP), mineral insulated heating cable made of alloy 825 sheath-(MISS).

Tandem Heating Cables

A series of constant power parallel electric heating tapes have a constant calorific value per unit length.

HBL (RDP, JFB, BL) parallel electric constant power heating belt

A series of constant power parallel electric heating tapes have a constant calorific value per unit length.

HGL (RDP, JPB) High Temperature Constant Power Electric Heating Belt

The working principle of the HGL type high temperature constant power electric heating belt is the same as that of the HBL type parallel constant power electric heating belt, and its structure is similar.

HCL series electric heating belt (RDC, JFC, CL)

HCL series heating cable is a kind of electric heating product with a wire core as a heating element.

TXLP series heating cable

Internal heating systems of residential premises (houses, bungalows, villas); Underfloor heating systems for public buildings (office buildings, medical institutions, baths, gyms, schools, auditoriums, etc.)

Skin Trace Series

Depending on the different substances of the liquid in the pipeline, the temperature maintained in the pipeline is also different. The electric heating technology of the industrial frequency surface effect pipeline is mainly used for heating the pipeline and heating, melting or intermittent transportation of oil.

Cast aluminum distribution box

The power explosion-proof box (box) is designed to connect the power line to the heating cable.

Explosion-proof thermostat

The explosion-proof temperature controller is used in combination with an electric heating cable, which can control the temperature of the heated pipe in place, so that the temperature of the medium can be adjusted within the temperature range required by the process, thereby protecting the electric heating.

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