Electrical heating installation precautions

Electric heating cable is a heating method that uses insulation resistance or resistance heating wire to create a temperature after power supply. It can automatically adjust the output temperature and reasonably maintain the process temperature requirements to keep warm, raise the temperature and protect the heating equipment from freezing. The insulation and antifreeze effect of the container is very good.

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Which electric heating should be chosen for the main pipeline transport of heavy oil

Transport of heavy oil through the pipeline over long distances and long-term retention in the pipeline will result in a drop in temperature due to heat dissipation and increased viscosity, which will cause the pipeline to be blocked by freezing or condensation-related accidents. Electric heating is widely used as effective insulation of pipelines and anti-freeze protection.

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Which electric heating cable should be considered for a 4 km pipeline

According to the statistics of the Hydrometeorological Center, the average daily minimum temperature at the location of the CNPC tank farm is 5 ° C, and the average daily maximum temperature is 14 ° C. Since the freezing point of the PX is about 15 °C, the supply pipeline needs heat preservation and heating. The oil depot has been in operation for many years without a stable source of steam, therefore, this project is considering the use of electric heating technology.

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Application of outdoor electric heating cable in oil main pipelines with high paraffin content

Long-distance crude oil pipelines with a high paraffin content with freezing temperatures above 50 °C. According to the requirements of the production plan of the plant, the volume of oil transportation through the pipeline is 150 thousand rubles. Tons per year, maximum-200 thousand. Tons per year.. According to the thermodynamic analysis of the pipeline, the initial supply temperature of the pipeline is 80 ° C (TN), and the temperature of the end entering the tank is 60 ° C (Tu). Since the transportation temperature needs to be adjusted according to the time of year, it sometimes needs to be transported by heat.

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What heating product to choose for main infusion pipelines

In petrochemical engineering, trunk infusion pipelines are the lifeblood of the factories. The temperature in the northern region is too low in winter and the pipeline needs to be insulated to compensate for the heat loss due to the low temperature in winter to ensure the normal operation of the pipeline.

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The role of leather tracer cables in the insulation of asphalt main pipelines

The toughness of the asphalt is greatly affected by the temperature. When the temperature decreases, the toughness of the asphalt increases, and the drop in resistance of the asphalt during pipeline transportation increases; when the temperature falls below the freezing point, the asphalt solidifies, causing the pipeline to clog and the conveyor belt to come to trouble. Therefore, electric heating and heat preservation during the transportation of asphalt are very important.

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Effect of hollow rod electric heating system on heavy oil production

To solve many problems in the "three high levels" crude oil extraction process, the thermal energy generated by the electric heating is used to heat the crude oil in the oil pipe throughout the process to improve the fluidity of the crude oil. Effectively solve various technical problems encountered in the operation of high-condensation, high-viscosity and high-paraffin crude oil, and achieve the goal of improving the productivity and efficiency of oil wells.

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Standards for the selection of electric heating of technological pipelines at petrochemical plants

With the rapid development of my country's economy and society, the traditional technology of steam heat exchanger has been replaced by new technology. In our country, we have carried out extensive research in the field of electric heating technology and made significant progress.

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The role of electric heating cable in the anticoagulation and anti-blocking of pipelines of the coal resin hydrogenation plant

Carboniferous resin hydrogenation plant is a resin hydrogenation reaction process, so there is a large amount of condensable raw materials, petroleum products, heavy oil, residual oil, etc. in the production process. D. In the process of pipeline transportation, due to the gradual increase in temperature Decrease, the viscosity of the oil gradually increases, and it can even harden and clog the pipeline.

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Self-limiting temperature electric heating tapes are widely used in chemical production.

In chemical production, the earliest method of heating is average heating, especially steam heating. However, due to the disadvantages of steam electric heating, such as high energy consumption, labor intensity of installation and maintenance, etc. D., it is gradually being replaced by electric heating.

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