Which electric heating should be chosen for the main pipeline transport of heavy oil

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2023-06-05 11:04

Transport of heavy oil by pipeline over long distances and long-term retention in the pipeline will result in a drop in temperature due to heat dissipation and increased viscosity, resulting in freezing or condensation-related accidents of the pipeline. Electric heating is widely used as effective insulation of pipelines and anti-freeze protection.


The electric heating method of oil pipeline can be divided into surface effect electric heating method and electric heating method. The skin-effect electric heating technology is a new type of electric heating technology for pipelines. The skin-effect electric heating method has become widespread abroad and has become the first choice for heating oil over the past 20 years. At present, the application of electric heating leather in China is becoming more and more wide.

The principle of skin-effect electric heating is to use electromagnetic AC induction to generate joules heat. The far end of a conventional cable is short-circuited through a pipe with a heating steel pipe, and an alternating current is passed between the near end of the cable through the pipe and the steel pipe, and an alternating magnetic field is installed at the far end. Steel pipe. Under the action of a magnetic field, vortex currents are generated inside the wall of the steel pipe, with vortex currents close to short circuit, releasing a large amount of joules of heat. It can be seen that the body of the electric heating with the surface effect that generates heat is a steel electric heating pipe, not a cable.

Heat-covering cables have a wide range of applications. In addition to being used in a solidified state at room temperature, the environment transported by the heated liquid is also very good for pipeline transport of substances that have high viscosity at room temperature and are difficult to flow, but easily after heating. Inactions such as: heavy oil, high condensation oil, Heavy oil fuel, paraffin and other substances.


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