The role of leather tracer cables in the insulation of asphalt main pipelines

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2023-05-31 13:39

Petroleum bitumen is a bituminous product produced by refining crude oil. Petroleum asphalt products are widely used in road construction, construction, water conservancy and hydropower and other fields. The asphalt is transported to the tank area via pipelines on the plant site and then transported by road, rail or sea to the end user after passing through the tank area.


The liquid asphalt has high viscosity, high freezing temperature and great resistance during transportation, in addition, the asphalt has a high temperature sensitivity, and its temperature must be controlled in a relatively stable range during transportation. If the temperature is too low, it will cause it solidifies If the pipeline is blocked, transportation by pipeline is not possible, If the temperature is too high, it will not only lead to heat loss, but also can cause a change in the properties of asphalt. Asphalt viscosity: 400mPa. s at 145 ℃, temperature: 135 ~ 150 ℃, density: 970 kg/m³.

The toughness of the asphalt is greatly affected by the temperature. When the temperature decreases, the toughness of the asphalt increases, and the drop in the resistance of the asphalt during the pipeline increases; when the temperature falls below the freezing point, the asphalt solidifies, causing the pipeline to clog and the conveyor belt to come to trouble. Therefore, electric heating and heat preservation during the transportation of asphalt are very important.


As an effective measure of pipeline insulation, electric heating is widely used, the working principle of which is to use heat generated by the coolant to compensate for heat loss in the heating pipe through direct or indirect heat exchange to maintain temperature or temperature. Rise Purpose.

After testing the various methods of electric heating the pipeline, the electric heating scheme was initially determined to be an external heating tube, electric heating on the skin effect during the design process. Compared with steam heating, the skin effect heating has the advantages of convenient design and maintenance, good temperature handling, energy saving and environmental protection.

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