Selection and scheme of electric heating of tanks in the system of storage and transportation of chemicals

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2023-02-25 14:35

Chemical storage tanks are often located on the periphery or in remote places of the factory area, so there are problems with incomplete auxiliary facilities and complex operation and maintenance. In order to prevent liquid from freezing in the storage tank, it is generally necessary to use electric heating to keep heat. Currently, the use of electric heating to keep heat and heat for tanks is the main method of heat preservation. For chemical companies.

Part of the storage and transportation system tank area and the external pipeline network after entering and exiting the tank area have obvious characteristics. The first choice is a series tape for the pipeline, and a parallel tape is preferred for the area of the tank, but because of the inherent defects it is not easy to find a wire of certain resistance after it is damaged. It is also difficult to find the exact location after the damage is detected. Therefore, when choosing heating tapes, use as many serial tapes as possible. In a specific design for short piping of different grades of the same type in the tank area and with the same heating temperatures, use the serial tape as far as possible, connect them in series to meet the requirements of the series belt for the pipeline.

Of course, the design idea of replacing parallel belts with series also puts forward higher control requirements. In the design phase, it is necessary to accurately measure the length of each section of the pipe, the choice of head and tail points of the connection should be avoided. Re-wiring, and transmission data should be accurate and detailed Draw an accurate diagram of the heating cable trends, and even when the heating cable needs to be positioned back and forth on the same pipeline due to the direction or heating power, it is necessary to draw a map of the surface of the heating cable laying to facilitate the search for trouble in subsequent maintenance.

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