Characteristics of chemical storage and transportation heating system heating and adaptation requirements for electric heating

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2023-02-25 14:36

The utility engineering conditions necessary for the electric heating of pipelines in the factory area of chemical enterprises are complete, and the heating methods are flexible and varied depending on the conditions of the facility, but the warehouse and transport systems of enterprises are often located in the periphery of the plant or in remote areas, as well as public engineering facilities not completed Inspection and maintenance management is difficult. Compared with steam heating, electric heating has the best energy-saving effect, it is easy to concentrate and accurately control. Thus, at present, the use of electric heating to realize centralized heating of pipelines with materials in storage and transportation systems is the main direction.

The storage and transportation production is an intermittent operation, and the material conveyor transportation process has many dynamic changes. The same material storage and transport system sometimes supplies, sometimes receives, and sometimes does not require heating, because the temperature of the material being transported exceeds the heat. Tracking the control temperature. Thus, temperature control has higher requirements for the operation of electric heating, and there are more opportunities for energy-saving optimization of temperature control.

Heating Characteristics of the Chemical Storage and Transportation System

The purpose of heating the pipeline in the storage and transportation system is mainly to prevent freezing and prevent the formation of condensate. If the heating system fails and shuts down, the pipeline will not freeze during the production interval and the pipeline will be static and the raw materials and products of the commercial plant will be transported.

There are many kinds of materials stored and transported in the chemical storage and transportation system, and each material system is independent, the material is of a different kind, and the temperature controlled by the electric heating is different, resulting in a complex power source. Scheme.

There are many pipe sections in the tank area of the chemical storage and transport system, the length of the pipe is short, and the heating temperature of each pipe section varies greatly, while the pipe sections outside the tank area are generally long, even several thousand meters long.

Requirements for the organization of warehouse and transport production of electric heating system

According to the characteristics of warehouse and transport production, it is necessary to take advantage of the powerful advantages of DCS and other centralized detection and control systems of electric heating in order to solve the difficulties associated with frequent start-up and stop of electric heating. caused by a large number of heaters. Circuits, non-constant electric heating temperature and dynamic pipeline network.

Heating cable should be selected with accurate temperature control.

Electric heating cables must meet the requirements of intuitive fault response, easy search for fault points, and fast fault handling.

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