Electric Heating Replacement Incubator for Feeding-Self-regulating Electric Heating Cable

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2023-02-24 10:55

In recent years, due to the high temperature in the feed insulation box, the surface of the signal cable inside the box is deep due to prolonged heating, the lubricating oil of the threaded valve rod evaporates and causes sticking, and the plastic parts of the electric valve engine age. Electric heating technology for heating pipelines and tanks is developing rapidly. After heating with steam or hot water, electric heating technology is widely appreciated by people. Electric heating is to use electric heat energy to supplement the heat lost by the heating body in the process, so as to maintain the most reasonable process temperature of the flow medium.

At present, electric heating is widely used in oil production pipelines. Storage tanks for oil and gas field pumping stations, underground oil and gas field pipelines, offshore oil platforms, power plants, thermal power plants, steel mills, oil refineries, chemical plant pipeline storage tanks and other harsh conditions. The feed pipeline and valve incubator has a decisive influence on the stability of the material flow in it. As an efficient pipe and valve, electric heating is widely used in insulation solutions. Its task is to dissipate a certain amount of heat through the coolant and supplement the loss of the heated pipe through direct or indirect heat exchange, in order to meet normal operating requirements for increasing temperature and preserving heat.

The insulation supply box consists of three parts: the box body, the heater and the instrument bracket. The electric heater consists of an electric heating tube and a temperature controller. There is an outlet on the side of the box. When the power is turned on and the box is heated to the required temperature, the temperature controller is turned on to continue to heat up. The temperature in the box can be maintained within a certain range by reworking to ensure that the material does not condense in the inner tubes and valves.

The function of the material supply incubator in the factory is to ensure that the material does not condense in the inner pipes and valves, and the key pipes and valves in the incubator are the feed pipe and the pressure relief control valve. The work of the control valve has become an important task of the electric heating cable.

The electric heating technology adopted to insulate the plant's supply pipeline is a self-regulating electric heating technology that applies to all pipes that need to keep heat outside the incubator.

The function of the decompression control valve in the incubator is to supply materials with stable pressure and flow to the cascade. Ensuring the sensitivity of the decompression control valve is critical to maintaining the safe and stable operation of the entire feeding system. The factory decompression control valve is not only used in the feed line in the incubator, but is also used to adjust the pressure and flow of material in the feed essential pipeline.

Electric heating technology has the advantages of high heating efficiency, easy installation, reliable quality and long service life in the application of thermal insulation of pipelines supplying power plants. After the assessment, the initial investment in electric heating is about 53% of the incubator, the operating cost is 7% of the incubator, and the annual cost of depreciation and maintenance of the electric heating technology is about 1/4 of the incubator. Which is clearly better than a refrigerator incubator. They both produce the same effect, and both can meet the insulation requirements of the supply pipeline.

Self-regulating electric heating belt has the ability to determine the temperature of the pipe wall (environment) to automatically adjust the heat generation, and the power consumption is only 5% of the incubator power consumption, which is an energy-saving measure

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