How To Choose Electric Heating Cable Type For Denitrification Catalyst Pipeline

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2023-02-15 10:42

The denitrification system has become an important part of coal-fired power plants. The denitrification catalyst accounts for a relatively high share of investment in the denitrification project. At the same time, the regeneration of the denitrification catalyst has significant social and environmental advantages. Regeneration The SCR catalyst factory process first uses ultrasonic water waves to remove the surface solubility of the alkali metal substance catalyst and dust particle deposits clogged in the SCR catalyst channels, The water in the pipeline used in the catalyst regeneration process cannot be drained. In winter, unpoured water easily freezes into ice in a short time, in severe cases the pipeline is blocked, which disrupts the normal operation of the catalyst regeneration process.

In recent years, electric heating cable is a widely used means of thermal insulation of process pipelines in power plant desiccation systems. Take the self-limiting temperature electric heating cable as an example to see the principle of selecting electric heating cable products.

Principles of selection and design of electric cable heating products:

First of all, it is necessary to determine whether the installation location meets the explosion-proof requirements, if so, it is necessary to choose the anti-corrosion and explosion-proof electric heating cable;

Second, it is necessary to calculate the thermal loss of the pipeline, In which it is necessary to maintain a certain temperature according to the length and diameter of the pipeline, and decide which specification and temperature class of the electric heating belt to use to compensate for heat.

Third, calculate the actual required total length from the parameters of the pipeline or capacity, because the equipment, fittings and instrumentation on the pipeline fittings must also be electric heating cables, so the calculation can provide a reserve of part of the electric heating cables for 10% of the length of the pipeline in these places. (We will design them for you).

Self-temperature control heating cable features easy cutting, convenient installation, etc. As well as automatic temperature control, which is very convenient for laying in places with complex pipelines. Therefore, the safety and reliability of the selection of this electric heating cable for heating the denitrification catalyst pipeline is much higher than that of the traditional steam heating. Of course, if there are strict temperature requirements, you can install a thermostat to control the temperature well.

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