Electric heating can effectively solve the problem of plugging pipelines at coke plants.

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2023-02-15 10:43

Electric heating technology is easy to install, accurate to operate, energy-saving and maintenance-free, and its cost is only 1/10-1/16 of the cost of conventional steam heating. The Shougang resettlement project in my country and the Jinan Iron and Steel Coke Plant used electric heating cables and were successful.

Electric heating is an efficient, clean, and environmentally friendly heating method that is characterized by only consuming electricity during heating and effectively reducing the phenomena of leaks, pops, drips, and leaks that are often caused by steam electric heating. Which can significantly improve the production of enterprises. environment.

Electric heating can achieve zero emissions and really plays a role in saving energy and reducing emissions. The material used is a polymer material with memory function that can accurately control the temperature. When the heating reaches the required temperature, the heating stops, when the heating is not needed, it can be stopped at any time, avoiding the energy consumption caused by steam heating, only to prevent the pipeline from freezing when the pipeline is not needed. To be heated.

Significant cost savings can be achieved through the use of electric heating. For example, if an electric heating is used at a steel mill, the estimated energy consumption of pipelines per hour is 0.049 yuan/m; when using steam heating, the energy consumption of pipelines per hour is 0.48 yuan/m; two-1: 9.8, electric heating Operating costs are much lower than with steam heating.

Electric heating is not only suitable for various situations of heating steam, but also for pipelines with a heat-sensitive environment. It can effectively control the temperature and prevent overheating of the pipeline. Suitable for pipelines or equipment that are scattered or remote from the gas supply point and equipment of irregular shape.

The choice of coolant should be selected according to material properties, indicator requirements, design complexity, operating costs, etc. D., and the construction should be carried out in accordance with the specifications to avoid new problems in achieving the goal. Antifreeze and anticondensation.

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