Electric heating cable can solve the problem of freezing and clogging of water paraffin pipes.

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2023-02-15 10:39

The water wax you talk about is used for washing cars. Commonly used natural waxes include carnaub wax, liquid paraffin and jojoba wax. These carnaub waxes are extracted from palm leaves that grow in northeastern Brazil in South America. Natural plant wax; the melting and crystallization temperature of paraffin wax is 28.64 and 22.92 ℃, respectively; jojoba oil is a kind of plant wax, and the crystallization temperature is 7 to 10 ℃. Because water wax exists in a liquid state when it is produced and sold as a finished product. In the cold winter, especially in the northern regions, the temperature is generally below zero, and the paraffin pipes often condense during transportation, which causes water paraffin to fail to function normally because freezing paraffin pipes has become a new task.

Electric heating is to use the self-heating energy of the electric heating tape in addition to the heat lost by process equipment such as piping and storage tanks to maintain the most acceptable process temperature of the leaking environment. Electric heating consists in the uniform release of heat through the pipeline and tank. Differs from electric heating by a high concentration of load per point or a small area. Electric heating has a low temperature gradient and a longer thermal stability time. Suitable for long-term use Heat (electricity) more than electric heating.

Electric heating has the advantages of simple installation, uniform heating, accurate temperature control, high reliability, long service life, favorable environmental protection, saving insulation materials, simple and convenient construction, small maintenance work and high efficiency. Can significantly reduce energy consumption and other advantages. After the electric heating cable system is installed on the water paraffin pipeline, due to the rapid heating characteristics of the electric heating cable, the high temperature can be reached in 5-15 minutes.

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