Application of electric heating cables in chemical devices

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2023-02-08 13:53

In chemical production equipment, the differential pressure flow meter is the most widely used flow meter, especially throttling is the most popular application of the detection part in the differential pressure flow meter as a standard throttling device. It is one of the instruments with limited attention in the selection of flow meters. The operating principle of the standard flow throttle device is to install the throttle on the process line and form a static pressure drop before and after the throttle element, with the static pressure drop being transmitted to the differential pressure transducer via two measuring tubing and converted into a standard signal, namely the measured flow rate, since the material in the measuring pipeline is in a static state, When the ambient temperature is below the freezing point of the material, it is necessary to heat the pressure inlet pipe and the transducer to prevent the freezing of the instrument and affect the normal operation of the flow meter measurement system, and thus hinder production.

Traditional heating methods of differential pressure flow meter mainly include: hot water heating, steam heating, and electric heating. Due to the many shortcomings of steam and hot water heating systems, an electric heater has become a very popular method of heating.

Electric heating is the use of an electric heating belt or other electric heating devices to replenish the heat lost by a heated object during operation in order to maintain the temperature of the medium within a certain range. Electric heating system consists of power supply, electric heating cable and electric heating system., workroom, compare the temperature measured by the temperature sensor above the pipeline with the temperature set by the temperature controller, and disconnect or connect the power supply in time by controlling the contactor to achieve the effect of heating and antifreeze. Since electric heating is a heating method in which electrical energy is converted into thermal energy, it is safer and more reliable, convenient for construction, and can effectively control the temperature to prevent local overheating.

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