To prevent a cold spring, winding electric heating cables can prevent sewer pipes from freezing.

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2023-02-08 13:55

In winter, urban sewage has a high incidence and is difficult to control. According to employees of the Urban Drainage Service Center, oil in pipelines hangs easily on the wall and hardens in winter, and silt and other rubbish in pipelines are prone to freeze after the drainage volume decreases at night. Urban areas in some cities are susceptible to sewage overflows due to poor drainage and so on.

In general, the public sector will call on the public to protect municipal municipal sewage facilities, not to connect sewer facilities without permission, change drainage conditions, change the nature of drainage, do not dump garbage, feces, manure, construction waste. Dirt and other waste and other measures, such as items that easily block the pipeline, but they are all ineffective. A new measure to protect the pipeline from freezing was the laying of electric heating cables along the outer wall of the pipeline. On the example of domestic sewage pipelines in a residential area, the length of the pipeline is 50 meters, and the total of pipelines is 60; pipeline diameter: DN50; insulation: mineral wool; the environment maintains a temperature of about 5 ° C. However, the environment in the sewer pipeline is relatively complex, and some residents can even put toxic, harmful, flammable and explosive materials into the sewer pipe, so the ordinary low-temperature heating cable with self-temperature temperature control cannot meet the requirements. The performance of the electric heating cable is better. The length of the low-temperature self-regulating electric heating cable can be reduced according to needs. The heating element is a special conductive plastic, and the power can be changed when the temperature of the pipeline is changed to match the antifreeze well. And pipeline heat preservation requirements.

Self-regulating electric heating cables with uniform temperature, high thermal efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, long service life, convenient use and no need for manual operation are used to protect the freezing and keep the residential pipelines warm. Of course, if the pipeline is long, you can consider constant-power, series-type heating cables. However, since the temperature cannot be controlled, the series-type constant-power heating cables must be equipped with a thermostat for precise temperature control, and cannot be cut at will. The cost is relatively lower than the self-regulating tropical heating cables are higher.

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