Application of electric tracer cable in green irrigation system

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2023-02-08 13:51

As an economical and effective solution to improve environmental comfort, many countries have agreed that urban greening should be both "beautiful" and "healthy". Modern urban landscaping plants are evenly irrigated with sprinklers, without which green spaces will easily dry out due to lack of water.

However, even in East China where the climate is relatively mild, as winter temperatures can fall below 0 °C, it is easy to cause freezing of greening irrigation pipes, in this case it is necessary to use thermal insulation protection for the sprinkler system. Among them, the electric heating cable is a good means of heat preservation and freezing protection.

The electric heating cable uses the method of converting electrical energy into thermal energy to maintain the temperature required for the pipeline, which ensures safety, environmental protection and energy saving. Since the temperature requirements are not high until guaranteed to freeze in winter, in my country, with the exception of some cities in the north, the general sprinkler landscaping system uses low-temperature self-regulating electric heating cables to meet the antifreeze requirements.

Low temperature self-regulating electric heating cable and self-limiting temperature electric heating cable, the heating cable is in the shape of a strip with a width of more than 11mm, which can cling to the surface of the pipe and use electrical energy for heating. The environment in the spray pipe to keep warm plays the role of keeping heat and antifreeze in a short time. In addition, the electric heating belt has the advantages of simple installation, easy maintenance, 24-hour maintenance, high automation, low operation and maintenance costs, etc. D., has good economic and social advantages, and is very suitable for large-scale promotion.

In addition to being used in urban greening, the low-temperature self-regulating electric heating belt is also widely used in civil solar power, geothermal heating, fire protection and other civil fields to preserve heat, prevent coagulation, and freeze protection.

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