Application of electric heating in the construction of oil pipelines

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2023-01-31 14:27

In the past, steam heating was often used to heat mooring process pipelines, however due to many of the disadvantages of steam heating, the steam heating was gradually replaced by electric heating. Take the lubricating oil project in the port of Jiangsu Province as an example to illustrate how to choose a suitable electric heating cable for the lubricating oil pipeline.

The transport medium of the mooring process pipeline of this project is oil lubricants and their transportation temperature shall be maintained at 60 °C. Electric heating is to use electric heating energy in addition to the heat lost by the heating body in the process to maintain the most reasonable process temperature of the flow medium and play a role in maintaining the temperature.

Electric heating technology mainly refers to three electric heating methods: 1. Skin effect current method (SECT method for short) 2. Mineral insulated heating cable method (MI method for short) method, constant power electric heating method). The selected project is an electric heating method. The electric heating cable is flexible and can be easily laid on the surface of the pipeline. The outer layer of the metal braid is a safe ground wire to prevent static electricity. It can not only improve the overall strength of the electric heating cable, but also play the role of heat exchange and heat dissipation.

Medium-temperature series self-regulating electric heating belt is widely used in fire, oil, chemical, metallurgical, electric power, environmental and other industrial enterprises for heating, heat preservation, anticoagulation and antifreeze pipelines. And storage tanks. The electric heating tape is suitable for common areas, explosive zones and corrosive zones, and after use together with a power explosion-proof distribution box, it is suitable for use in the T4-T6 explosive gas mixture of the first and second groups. Areas of the plant, which are not directly affected by external forces.

Parameters of the self-regulating electric heating belt of the medium temperature series (ZWK)

(1) Standard color: Brown

(2) Temperature range: The maximum operating temperature is 90 ± 5 °C, the maximum sustained temperature is 125 °C (the temperature of the maintained belt core).

(3) Design temperature: Polyolefin minimum-20 °C, Fluorine material minimum-60 °C

(4) Starting current: ≤ 0.6 A/m

(5) Thermal stability: After the electric heating belt has passed the thermal performance test, its power should be maintained at 90% of the original value.

(6) Bending radius: 30.4mm at-20 °C, 40.6mm at-60 °C

(7) Insulation resistance: The insulation resistance between the electric heating conductor and the metal shielding layer shall be at least 50 MOM. 维rol-in-the-how-to, the-how-to, the-the-all, the-the-the-the-people, the-the-people, the-the-all,

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