How to improve the thermal insulation of water pipes at the pier

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2023-01-31 14:32

Dandong Port made a number of improvements to the Wharf Water Pipeline Isolation Project in 2006. The original cast iron water supply pipeline was replaced with a polypropylene pipe, and the polyurethane foam and electric heating method was replaced with the original mineral wool. Insulation., which not only prolongs the service life of the pipeline, but also increases the corrosion resistance, compression resistance and compression resistance.

Polyurethane foaming technology is rapidly replacing crude oil pipeline insulation measures to occupy the market due to its advantages: low thermal conductivity, low bulk density, high compressive strength, good overall connectivity and good water resistance; Accurate control, high reliability, long service life. beneficial for environmental protection, Saving insulation materials, simple and convenient design, small maintenance work and high efficiency. Can significantly reduce energy consumption and other advantages.

After several tests, Dandong Port finally decided to use PP-R pipes for water pipes and a series of low-temperature self-regulating electric heating cables for electric heating.

Low temperature self-regulating electric heating tapes are widely used in civil solar energy, geothermal heating, fire, petroleum, chemical, steel, electric power, environmental protection and other industrial enterprises for heating, heat preservation, anticoagulation and anti-freeze protection of pipelines and tanks. The heating cable is suitable for common areas, explosive zones and corrosion zones. After being used together with the explosion-proof power junction box, it is suitable for T6, T4 and T3 explosive gas mixtures in the first and second areas of the plant, which are not directly affected by external forces.

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