Application of mineral insulated heating cable in melamine production

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2023-01-31 14:22

The application of mineral insulated heating cable in the production of melamine

Electric heating is to use electric heat to replenish the heat lost by the heated object in the production process, so that the temperature of the medium can be maintained within a certain range. As one of the key national promotion projects, electric heating technology is widely used in pipelines, valves,

The production process of melamine is relatively complex, and there are strict temperature requirements for melamine in the reaction and transportation process (about 380 degrees Celsius). If the temperature is too high, it can lead to contamination of the reactor tube beam; Too low temperature, melamine resulting from the reaction can crystallize There is a danger of clogging the pipe Therefore, it is necessary to take strict measures to heat and preserve heat for the pipe and valve, where liquid melamine flows out of the melamine reactor and the gas produced by the reaction enters the quenching column. It is not easy to control the temperature of the steam heater, but the heating cable can ensure that the environment temperature meets the production requirements.

The melamine device of the chemical company in Henan uses the heating cables mi. The material of the metal shell is alloy 825. When the current passes through the heating core of the consistent resistance of the cable, heat is released. The heating is uniform. And the cable length is different, the maximum heating temperature is 600 ℃.

Mineral insulated heating cable has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fire protection, explosion safety, anti-aging, high mechanical strength, high maintenance temperature, high power output, uniform heating throughout the length, long service life, ease of installation (small diameter)., Can be bent into any shape), etc. D.

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