The use of electric heating in the sulfur production unit

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2023-01-10 16:18

The traditional method of electric heating of a sulfur plant is the electric heating of a steam jacket. Currently, electric heating is widely used in the oil production and processing industry. On the example of a 20 kt/year sulfur plant, let's take a look at how to choose a suitable electric heating cable for a sulfur production plant.

There are two types of sulfur piping in this plant, 80X150mm/40X147mm, and the temperature should be maintained at about 160 °. 42 valve and 42 flange. The average temperature in the area where the plant is located is 9 ° C, and the lowest average temperature is-6.8 ° C.

What we supply for this factory is a serial type electric heating cable. The total length of the liquid sulfur pipeline is 1500 m. For main lines, the electric heating cable must be connected in series, especially the current of the entire core wire is the same everywhere, and first the power of the hot spot is reported per unit length, the disadvantage is that the product must be customized.

Sulphur Regeneration Plant refers to a “three waste” treatment plant in a refinery. It is generally located at the final site and produces saturated steam with a pressure of 1.0 MPa and 0.3 MPa, which can be used for its own external heating and heating of the jacket. Tracking.

After years of practice, it can be seen that a one-time investment in heating a steam shirt is 1.37 times the cost of electric heating, and the annual operating cost of the device is 1.72 times the cost of electric heating. Use electric heating.

The sulfur recovery plant uses electric heating, which is economical and reliable, as well as convenient for construction, maintenance and control.

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