The text of the scientific work on the topic "On the choice of electric heating cables in the storage and transportation system of acetic acid"

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2023-01-09 11:01

Acetic acid, an important organic chemical raw material, is a colorless caustic acidic liquid with a melting point of 16.6 °C and a boiling point of 117.87 °C. The pure acetic acid can be combined into an ice-like solid below 16.6 °C, also known as glacial acetic acid. Due to the above physical characteristics of acetic acid, the temperature control requirements for acetic acid piping are relatively high. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will have a serious impact on the system. Many companies use electric heating as an electric heating method for the storage and transportation of acetic acid.

Industrial pipelines that require heating are generally tool pipelines, process pipelines and chemical pipelines. These pipelines are relatively complex. If steam is laid and moved, the pipelines are very inconvenient. In addition, when the steam heating type is operated in the winter time, "running", the phenomenon of "drop and leak", spending a lot of labor and material resources.

At present, heating products are becoming more efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Electric heating technology is used to insulate complex pipelines, lines that require accurate temperature control, long pipelines, anti-corrosion and explosion-proof transmission. Lines and has excellent performance., reliable quality and long service life, and additional control and remote control to realize automatic control.

The electric heating system mainly consists of power supply, electric heating belt, temperature controller (constant power heating belt), distribution box, double-sided, three-sided, tail and other accessories. Among them, heating cables are heating components that can be divided into constant power, self-regulating and limited power heating cables depending on their mode of operation.

Taking into account the actual situation of storage and transportation of acetic acid, as a rule, for one acetic acid pipeline, you can choose a series electric heating belt. The reservoir area and the pumping area are responsible for the pipeline, and the pipeline has many branches. The piping system is complex. If only the temperature of the main pipe is collected, the temperature of the thinner branches can exceed the limit. In order to achieve accurate control, the main tube and the analytical tube must collect and control the temperature separately, so in the entire acetic acid system, a large number of pipeline thermostat control circuits are required to accurately meet the temperature control requirements.

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