Application of electric heating in the insulation of liquid soda storage tank

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2023-01-10 16:20

In the past, steam heating has always been the main method of heat preservation for material pipelines, but heat dissipation due to steam is not easy to control, and its heat preservation efficiency is low. In addition, the pipelines at the enterprise are relatively complex, and it is very inconvenient to lay steam heating pipes. In addition, in winter, the phenomenon of “flows, flaps, drips and flows” often occurs in a steam heating pipe, which leads to the waste of energy resources. As a more appropriate method of heat preservation, electric heating is finding increasing use due to its flexible control.

East China storage and transportation plant Sinopec has introduced electric heating pipes for most liquid explosives heat preservation systems and achieved a good energy saving effect. Among them, the liquid and alkali line has been converted the most.

The electric heating system mainly consists of two parts: the control unit and the electric heating belt. After the power supply to the electric heating belt, it generates heat itself to realize the heating function. The electric heating system is controlled with a fixed adjustment, and the working state of the electric heating belt is adjusted according to the temperature deviation of the pipeline material, that is, the set value of the temperature of the electric heating system (the temperature control index of the material in the pipeline) does not change for a certain period of time. When a disturbance occurs (e. g., a change in the outside temperature or a change in the incoming material temperature over a period of time), the temperature measurement sensor will send the actual temperature back to the regulator for comparison with a given temperature to determine whether the heating belt needs to be heated, thereby controlling the opening and closing of the primary system contactor to turn on the power. Or disabling this section of the electric heating belt.

The electric heating tape is the most important material in the electric heating system. Commonly used electric heating cables in the thermal insulation of petrochemical materials include parallel heating heating cables and series heating heating cables. After comparison, the storage and transportation plant finally chose a series of electric heating tapes.

According to the specific conditions of each group of tanks and pump room at the facility, and taking into account the electrical balance, the electric heating scheme provides for the use of 4 explosion-proof digital display control units to supply power to all electrical heating cables and control the temperature.

After years of practice, it has been proven that under the same conditions, our electric heating energy consumption is only 26.4% of steam heating energy consumption, and the economic benefits are significant. At the same time, electric heating also has environmental protection advantages, such as no noise, no work, no emissions, drifts and leaks. Judging by the current operation of the electric heating system, the electric heating gave the expected effect.

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