How to choose an electric heating cable for a gas production plant in a gas field

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2023-01-03 17:13

The Tarim Oil Field accelerated the development and construction of the Hetianhe, Kekeya, Akimu and other gas fields, allowing people in the resource areas to play a leading role in benefiting from oil and gas exploration and development. At present, daily natural gas supplies from the Tarim field to southern Xinjiang account for 1/5 of the total exports.

Many of the gas fields of the Tarim oil field are located in uninhabited desert areas, and the winter here is very cold, with an extreme minimum temperature of-28 °C. Cold climatic conditions cause great inconvenience in the production and operation of natural gas pretreatment plants, especially automatic control devices and meters on site are largely dependent on ambient temperature. If the temperature is too low, it can cause freezing and solidification of the measuring pipelines. In order to avoid accidents, it is necessary to carry out antifreeze and heat preservation treatment of devices, meters and related pipelines (i. e. E. Install the electric heating system). Air, primary pressure valves, differential pressure, flow, etc., impression tubes and transmitters, etc.

Currently, thermal insulation techniques commonly used in oil and gas fields mainly include electric heating and steam heating. The Tarim gas field mainly uses electric heating technology, and electric heating systems are installed in many places at the pretreatment plant to provide equipment and appliances at the thermal insulation station.

Electrothermal insulation technology is a heating technology that directly converts electrical energy into thermal energy. The electric heating system mainly consists of an electric heating system, an insulation layer and a waterproof layer. The electric heating system includes a power switch, thermostat, temperature sensor, electric heating wire and connecting box, compensates for the heat loss of equipment through direct or indirect heat exchange to compensate for the increase in temperature. Insulation or antifreeze requirements.

The design workload of the electric heating system is small, the design is convenient and simple, and the maintenance is small; the device is simple, the heating is uniform, the temperature control is accurate, and it can be controlled remotely and remotely. Controlled to realize automatic control, has high efficiency and can greatly reduce energy consumption, explosion-proof, all-weather, high reliability and long service life, avoids waste steel and water resources, saves environmental protection materials; no leakage, which is conducive to environmental protection.

The electric heating model selected by the pre-treatment installation is a constant-power parallel belt electric heating HBL2(Q)-J3-30, that is, the voltage level is 220 V and the power per meter is 30 W, and the thermostat design temperature is 20 degrees Celsius. Selection principles include: the choice of the heating resistance class and the heating temperature class of the electric heating tape depending on the operating temperature and the maximum operating temperature of the pipeline or equipment; the power and length of the unit.

The technical means of electric heating and heat preservation mainly include: gas field water, oil condensate, operational sewerage, household sewerage, prevention and control, household water and other land pipelines, fittings, key, installed pressure gauges, pressure sensors, pressure pipe. Sections, side mounted radar level gauge, magnetic float level gauge, pipe gauge, etc.

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