Selection of electric heating type for pipelines of liquid caustic, benzene and other liquid materials

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2023-01-04 17:34

In the process of production, storage and transportation of liquid chemical products, the traditional method of heat preservation-steam electric heating-was previously used. However, the steam temperature is much higher than the temperature range that the material must maintain, so improper temperature adjustment will cause local overheating of the material. In addition, steam heating has disadvantages such as high cost of use and difficulty of maintenance.

Petrochemical company in Binzhou, Shandong Province, has been cooperating with us since 2014 to replace the traditional steam heating electric heating. Electric heating features high thermal efficiency, energy saving, simple design, convenient design and installation, no environmental pollution, long service life. Remote control and advantages such as automatic control are the technical direction of replacing steam electric heating.

The Company has successfully used electric heating cables to heat the piping of diaphragm liquid alkali, pure benzene, p-benzene, xylene and other materials. When choosing electric heating products, various factors should be fully considered, such as applicability, economy, power conditions, etc. D. The principles of choice are as follows.

A. According to the maintenance temperature of the pipeline and sometimes the maximum operating temperature, select the electric heating product whose maximum maintenance temperature is higher than that of it.

B. Depending on the power supply conditions, network load and pipeline length, determine the electric heating scheme and electric heating model, such as constant power, self-limiting type or serial type, etc. D.

C. Determine the unit function and length of the required electric heating article for heat release per unit length of pipeline or heat release per unit area of the container.

D. Determine the structure of the necessary electric heating products according to different conditions of use: generally, you can choose the usual type, it is recommended to use the reinforced type for explosion-proof cases, the reinforced type should be used for underground or corrosive places.

Generally, the electric heating temperature is controlled by a temperature controller, and the heating cable operating temperature is set according to the freezing point of the material. Install the platinum thermoresistor on the main line. The platinum thermoresistor determines the actual temperature of the pipeline and returns it to the temperature controller. The temperature controller controls the heating cable to operate according to the comparison between the feedback temperature and the set temperature.

Electric heating cables are used in pipelines for liquid materials of petrochemical plants due to their significant energy saving and low energy consumption. The advantages of high reliability and ease of automatic control allow you to completely replace the traditional steam heating.

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