Heating benzene pipeline: electric heating or steam heating?

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2022-12-09 11:00

As we all know, in refining processes and chemical processes, electric steam heating is a traditional method of heat preservation, but since the steam temperature is much higher than the temperature range the material must maintain, if the temperature is adjusted incorrectly, it will cause local overheating of the material. In addition, the heat preservation and maintenance of the condensed water pipe of the steam pipe is not very good, and sometimes it freezes and affects the production. Especially in the transportation and storage of some highly corrosive materials, it is easy to cause corrosion and seriously affect the production.

The electric heating system is used to insulate and antifreeze industrial pipelines, which allows you to accurately maintain the process temperature and completely eliminate erosion caused by local overheating. Electric heating technology is applied to keep the heat of simple pipelines, circuits that require accurate temperature control, main pipelines, and anti-corrosion and explosion-proof power lines. It has the advantages of good performance, reliable quality and long service life. However, one-time investments in electric heating technology are relatively high. What to choose: steam heating or electric heating?

As an example, take the project of a 750,000 ton/year ethyl benzene plant of a major chemical company in Shandong Province, which has a gas pipeline of 3,000 meters and all the pipelines are laid in the pipe gallery. The freezing point of benzene is 5 ° C, and the boiling point is 80 ° C. According to the rules of operation during storage and transportation, the heating temperature interval when transporting benzene is 7-17 ° C, and gasification begins when exceeding 20 ° C. S.

When choosing products for heating, the plant compared steam and electric heaters. As a result, I came to the following conclusions:

The advantage of steam electric heating is that one-time investments are small, and the disadvantage is the high cost of maintenance. The steam heating line has been running smoothly for 3.5 years, and the maintenance cost will increase exponentially; electric heating is that the one-time investment is high, the advantage is that That the operating costs are low, the subsequent maintenance workload is low, and labor is saved. As a result, the plant chose an electric heating system.

Generally speaking, electric heating with self-temperature control is selected for short-insulated pipelines. The self-control temperature electric heating unit is very simple, and the electric heating system can be cut at will during the installation process, which will not affect the actual effect of use.

If it is a main gas line pipe, a serial product of a constant power electric heating system must be used, and the set point of the electric heating system can be set with a slightly larger number of temperature controller sensors. The constant power electric heating system has high temperature, high temperature resistance and long application length. The electric heating system can reach kilometers. The disadvantage is that it cannot be cut at will. In view of the plant's 3000-meter gas pipeline, we provide the plant with constant power electric heating cables.

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