Application of self-regulating electric heating cable in chlor-alkali pipeline

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2022-12-10 09:31

The alkaline chlorine industry is a traditional capital, technological and energy intensive industry of the main chemical raw materials, whose main products are caustic sodium, chlorine and hydrogen. The freezing point of 30% caustic sodium with an ion exchange membrane is 8-9 ° C, the boiling point at atmospheric pressure is 136-137 ° C, the freezing point is 32% caustic sodium with an ion exchange membrane of 5-6 ° C. C, and the boiling point at atmospheric pressure is 118-119 °C. However, it is cold in the north in winter, and in order to ensure normal chlor-alkali production, it is necessary to provide electric heating measures to prevent chlor-alkali from setting.

A major chemical company in Pennsylvania used our self-regulating electric heater to heat the chlorine-alkali pipeline, and the expected effect was obtained. In the chemical production, steam, hot water and electric heating tapes are commonly used for switches, equipment and containers. After comparison, the factory finally chose the electric heating tapes. Although the one-time investment in the electric heating belt heating solution is high, the operation is simple, the thermal efficiency is high, the maintenance costs are low, the manpower is saved, and the comprehensive comparative analysis shows that the electric belt heating is the most economical.

The heating element of the self-regulating electric heating belt is made of conductive thermoplastic, and the resistivity of this heating plastic has a very high positive temperature (called PTC). From the resistance-temperature curve, you can see that the resistance increases with the temperature. When the temperature rises to a certain value, the resistance reaches a level at which the current is almost blocked.

Self-temperature electric heating belt automatically adjusts the output and compensates according to the actual heat requirement of the heating system. It is a new generation of energy-saving heaters with constant temperature, low temperature, fast start and uniform temperature., since each part can be heated by its own heating, Can be automatically adjusted when the temperature changes, arbitrarily shortened or lengthened in a certain range, allows multiple overlaps without fear of high temperature hot spots and burns. Because of the above-mentioned characteristics of Zixianwen electric heating cables, they have the following characteristics: overheating prevention, certain temperature control effect, overlap capability, arbitrary circumcision capability, and relative power distribution. Tracing pipes and containers.

As the electric heating was installed and put into operation, the plant informed us that no chlorine-alkali curing was found in the pipeline blocking the pipeline and detailed use of the pipeline was in good condition. The use of self-regulating electric heating tapes for heat preservation saves investment and operating costs, and the management is very convenient, ensuring that chlor-alkali production tasks are performed in winter.

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