Underground Electric Heating Cable Antifreeze and Heat Preservation Housing for Alpine Cement Production Line

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2022-12-08 09:01

At present, when laying underground various medium industrial and civil pipelines, as a rule, they are laid below the frozen layer. Since the local climate of the cement plant project belongs to the alpine region, the temperature can reach minus 27 ° C, and the groundwater level is high. below the first floor, it is necessary to use precipitation cutting technology, and the construction cost is high, And the construction period is long. The traditional design method of laying in the frozen layer is to transfer the heat embedded in the pipeline of the medium into the pipeline of the working medium, which requires the presence of heat supply facilities and significantly increases operating costs.

In recent years, with the advent of electric heating cable technology, the direct conversion of electrical energy into thermal energy and transmission to medium pipelines are widely used in land and air pipelines, and can effectively control temperature, playing the role of heating, heat. Conservation and antifreeze.

Electric heating cable technology has the advantages of high electric heat conversion rate, saving clean energy, advanced technology, reasonable value for money, easy installation and operation, compact design, and safe, reliable and automatic control in electricity conditions. Its working principle is to convert the electrical energy W = UIt into thermal energy Q, and then transfer the thermal energy to the working environment of the pipeline through thermal conductivity, thermal radiation and convection.

According to the reality of the Inner Mongolia cement production line construction project, we have selected underground electric heating for the plant. The heat and heat preservation measures in the underground pipeline and tube gallery are designed as a multi-layer structure. The medium pipeline heating of the underground equipment uses the method of active heating of the self-regulating electric heating cable, and the heat generated by the electric heating cable is used to compensate the medium pipeline during the transportation process. In order to keep the middle pipeline temperature within a certain range, It can achieve the purpose of heat preservation and freezing protection. The estimated length of the point heating cable laid per unit length of the average pipeline is determined by the heating power of the point heating cable, the surrounding environmental conditions and the capacity of the average pipeline (e. g., there are large differences in underground soil temperature in different regions, different materials, and pipe wall thickness. The pipeline and transmission medium will affect the electric heating power and the electric heating winding method).

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