Application Example of Heating Cable for Ramp Snowmelt on Coal Mine Road

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2022-12-05 14:01

According to statistics, China's combined crude coal production will reach 4,071.36 million tons in 2021, which means a cumulative increase of 4.7%. As of September 2022, China's crude coal production will amount to 386.718 million tons, up 12.3% year-on-year. However, the mountain roads in coal transportation in the mining area are mostly uneven sections of road with ascents and descents. In winter or in cold areas, snow and ice will reduce the coefficient of friction and traction, and the mine vehicle will slip and turn.

In recent years, much research has been done on the problem of melting snow and ice on the roads. In general, the methods of melting snow and ice are divided into two types: the active method and the passive method. The passive method includes manual removal, mechanical removal and deicing agent. The method of active snow melting consists of thermal snow melting, Technologies of anti-ice modified asphalt and special surface layer, etc.

On the long descent of a mountain road in a mining area, the icing phenomenon exists for a long time. If a snow melting agent is often used, it damages the road structure and contaminates nearby soil, vegetation and other ecological environments. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a new method of melting snow and ice with long-term effect and without side effects. This article uses the active melting technology of the snow and ice heating cable. The basic principle is to bury the TXLP series heating cable in advance into the middle surface layer of the concrete coating. After the power is turned on, the electrical energy can be converted into thermal energy to achieve the effect of melting snow and ice.

Taking the long descent section of the mining area in Ordos as a real engineering example, one can see the effect of snow melting with a heating cable on the slope. The continuous section of descent is 3 km long, along the path there are 3 sharp turns, and the width of the roadway is 10 meters.

For him, we supply TXLP series heating cable. The top layer of concrete is completely paved. With a little snow on the road, power can be turned on. Most snow on the concrete road on the long slope can be removed in 30 minutes after the power is turned on. Since the use of our heating cables on the long descent, no snow has previously accumulated on this section of the road, which significantly increases the safety of mountain transport.

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