Cooling tower pipeline heating solves pipeline freezing problem

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2022-12-07 08:45

The cooling tower uses water as circulating refrigerant. The cooling consists in using water and air to exchange heat and cold to form steam. The steam evaporates and discharges heat to dissipate heat by evaporation, convective heat exchange and radiative heat exchange to dissipate industrial heat. Or an evaporative cooling device that cools the waste heat generated by the air conditioner to reduce the water temperature.

If the steam in the cooling tower cannot be normally diverted during condensation, (this will) fail the entire cooling tower, and electric heating cables are recommended for this.

The electric heating cable is a freezing protection heating product that is used to insulate liquid pipelines. Conventional cooling pipe in industry can use electric heating cable for insulation and anti-freeze protection.

The working principle of the electric heating cable is to use electrical energy to generate heat. The equipment used for heat preservation is liquid pipes. When the cooling tower uses an electric heating cable to heat and preserve heat, the condensed steam inside it will melt in a short time, which improves the efficiency and acceleration of the cooling towers.

The electric heating cable installed in the cooling tower is generally recommended to install the self-limiting temperature electric heating cable. First of all, in terms of temperature, the temperature range of the self-limiting electric heating cable is sufficient to maintain the operating temperature. Cooling tower water temperature in cold weather The flow preservation will not freeze and block the pipeline, and its “ptc” function can be used with appropriate explosion-proof temperature controller to achieve accurate temperature control and automatic operation.

Secondly, in terms of safety, the explosion-proof mesh of the protective layer, equipped with a self-limiting temperature heating cable, has the advantages of anti-static, grounding and spark-safe, and the outer shell of the fluoride material is heat-protected. Resistant, these advantages include corrosion resistance, water resistance and chemical resistance.

Finally, in terms of installation, the self-limiting temperature heating cable is flexible, small in size, easy to install and easy to lay on the surface of the pipeline. The complexity of the installation is reduced.

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