Selection of the type of electric heating of the pipeline with antifreeze

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2022-12-04 13:52

At present, self-regulating electric heating cables are widely used in many industries, such as environmental protection, construction, chemical industry, steel, refrigeration and other fields, providing a good solution for heating and insulation of pipelines, tanks and other equipment. ^

The electric heating element of the self-regulating electric heating cable is made of a special or conventional "PTC" effect (i. e., positive temperature coefficient resistance effect) and a conductive polymer nanocomposite material extruded between two parallel conductive cores. Tape device The heating element can automatically adjust the output power when the temperature changes. When the temperature rises to a certain temperature, its resistance reaches infinity, and the output power is close to zero, so it has good memory performance and switching characteristics.

Self-regulating temperature electric heating cable has the following characteristics:

Self-adjustable temperature electric heating belt has the characteristics of automatic power output adjustment according to the heating system, so it will not burn due to self-heating, but can compensate for the actual heat, necessary for yourself, So it is the only energy-saving and intelligent constant temperature heating device in the shape of tape;

Low temperature condition, fast start and uniform temperature, because each part can be automatically adjusted due to the temperature change of the heating part;

Simple installation, easy maintenance, 24-hour service, high level of automation, Low operation and maintenance costs;

It can be arbitrarily shortened or lengthened within a certain range, and it allows multiple overlapping without fear of overheating and ignition;

For the example of non-freezing of the outer cooling tower piping, a particular project briefly explains how to choose the electric heating of the pipelines to protect against freezing.

Cooling tower main pipe specification: DN80-1000, minimum ambient temperature: minimum object temperature-20 °C. Operation temperature: antifreeze, tolerance 5 °C, insulation layer: styrofoam, thickness 65mm, working voltage: AC 220 V.

Project finally chose our self-control low temperature electric heating cable, the best temperature is 65 ℃.

After many years of operation, the low temperature electric heating cable with automatic temperature control is maintained in good working condition, which has a good economic and social effect for the power plant.

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