Advantages of TXLP series heating cable in melting snow and ice on the road

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2022-11-21 10:45

Snow and ice on the roadbed have a serious impact on the smoothness of the road and traffic safety. According to statistics, about 15% of road accidents are associated with snow on the roads.

The currently widely used chemical methods of snow melting (i. e. The use of salt to melt snow has caused serious damage and huge economic losses around the world, so it is very important to look for other forms of melting snow and ice.

The principle of thermodynamic snow melting is simple and does not cause pollution, has become one of the measures to melt snow and ice on the road. The thermodynamic method used in the study of snow and ice melting on road surfaces has tested the use of geothermal system, solar heat storage system, and conductive concrete technology; however, geothermal heat production is limited by the heat source, and the search for a safe, ideal and engineering heat source has become the key to the thermodynamic snow melting method.

Since the heating cable has the advantages of safety, durability and environmental protection, the laying of the heating cable in asphalt concrete has good compression characteristics, so the use of the heating cable to melt snow and ice can guarantee heat, which is safe and reliable. Ice means of melting snow.

Our heating cable system consists of a thermostat (with temperature sensor) and a heating cable. The insulation layer sheath material selected for the heating cable has excellent corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high temperature resistance and flexibility, and has a long service life.

The txlp series heating cables are mainly represented by two types: TXLP/2 220 V double core heating cable and TXLP/1 220 V single core heating cable. These two heating cables are suitable for tunnel fire protection, subway fire protection and household water freezing protection, snow melting, soil heating, floor heating, etc. D. Our heating cable uses hidden joints, and hot and cold joints are marked with a "CONNECTION" sign.

We currently supply heating cables for many expressways, such as Yuanyuan Expressway, Shenjiamu Expressway, Tianda Expressway, Kelin Expressway, etc. D. According to the reviews, our heating cables work well.

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