Example of use of electric heating in snow melting trough canopy

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2022-11-25 11:03

In Changchun, which is located in the northeastern region, in winter all year round below 0 ° C, especially in January, the average daily maximum temperature is only-10 ° C, and the average daily minimum temperature is-20 ° C. To ensure the safety of the operation of the Changchun high-speed railway station, snow melting in the gutters is an important safety problem that cannot be ignored. If the snow is not melted and drained in time, it will freeze easily and cause the canopy trough to overflow to form an inverted ice cone that poses a hazard to passing passengers and vehicles. Therefore, it is considered to use a form of auxiliary heating to melt snow in a certain area to eliminate the hidden danger of accidents.

The gutter electric heating system consists of an electric heating control unit, an electric heating cable, an ice and snow detector, electrical accessories and a power supply shank, etc. D.

Temperature and humidity are the main climatic conditions for moving on ice and snow. Secure the ice and snow detector at the bottom of the gutter. The thermometer and humidity sensor of the ice and snow detector collect the meteorological parameters in the trough and transmit them to the detector control module for analysis and processing. When the temperature and humidity in the ditch reach or exceed the set value, The contact of the relay in the controller is closed, so that you turn on the power and start to melt the snow; when the snow melt is mostly completed, the temperature or humidity is far from the set value, and the controller will turn off the relay contact, so that you turn off the power supply and achieve automatic control of the snow melt.

Since the project was completed and put into operation, our electric gutter heating system has been working properly and has achieved the expected target effect. The application of electric heating in this project also fully reflects its environmental protection and high efficiency, energy saving and high efficiency, and easy installation and maintenance. As a mature technology, it will be more widely promoted and applied in the future.

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