Ice and snow electric heating technology (TXLP series heating cable)

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2022-11-19 10:36

In winter, ice and snow disasters have a serious impact on the smoothness of roads and traffic safety: every year snow and ice on the roads cause serious congestion and even cause a series of road accidents.

Traditional melting of ice and snow requires a lot of labor and material resources, and some of them will have an immeasurable negative impact on the environment and will not be able to provide a satisfactory effect of ice melting. Although deicing agents can reduce the damage done to roads and the environment, they are expensive and have a limited range of applications, and studies have shown that deicing agents cannot significantly reduce the corrosion of steel rods. Human and mechanical anti-icing agents clearly interfere with movement, and the effect of snow removal is incomplete. The electric heating snow icing and melting protection method is widely used at home and abroad because of its thorough icing protection, environmental protection and no pollution.

The electric road surface heating system is designed to deepen the building heating device into the road surface and use the heat transferred to the road surface to melt ice and snow. The room is connected to the temperature control system.

When the low temperature road freezes in winter and affects driving safety, start the ice and snow melting system to generate heat through the heating cable, and the heat is quickly transferred to the concrete by the heating cable and is slowly and slowly released. Evenly on the environment in the form of thermal radiation to achieve perfect melting. The effect of melting ice and snow ensures the safety of passing vehicles.

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