Measures for electric heating and thermal insulation of fire extinguishing pipelines in road tunnels

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2022-10-12 10:52

With the development of my country's economy, a large number of tunnels have been built and put into operation in cold regions. In cold regions, the ambient temperature in winter is often below the freezing point, which is fraught with freeze-thaw cycles, frost damage, cracks in the walls of tunnels, water seeping and freezing, water freezing in fire pipes. Among them, the freezing of fire water seriously threatens the fire safety of the tunnels. In order to ensure the normal operation of the tunnel fire protection system, it is necessary to optimize the insulation structure design of the fire protection pipeline to ensure that there is no fire water freezing, which is a key point in the design of the tunnel fire protection. Tunnels in cold regions.

There are now many ways of not freezing pipelines, and the electric heating insulation layer is more popular in the northern region.

The electric heating system is an additional electric heating system. The electric heating system of fire extinguishing pipelines is widely used and can be customized to control the temperature, has a certain energy-saving effect, and has a high degree of commercialization. The water in the common fire main stagnates. The heating cable is located between the insulation and the pipe wall. In the process of transferring heat from the wall of the fire water pipe to the external environment, it needs to overcome the thermal resistance of the thermal conductivity of the insulating layer and the thermal resistance to convective heat transfer between the outer wall of the insulating layer and the ambient air.

In the fire protection system of road tunnels in cold regions, it is imperative to take measures of active thermal insulation and anti-freeze protection. This can effectively solve the problem that the fire pipe network is prone to freezing and failure, And effectively ensure the normal use of the fire water supply system in the period of low temperatures in winter is of great importance and safety has a role.

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