How to choose the mode of heating the asphalt environment?

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2022-10-11 10:34

Bitumen is a black or dark brown viscous liquid, semi-solid or solid at room temperature, and has a high temperature sensitivity. Oil asphalt includes straight-run asphalt, solvent-skimmed asphalt, oxidized asphalt, mixed asphalt, modified asphalt, etc. D. In recent years, with the rapid development of road construction, the amount of road asphalt has been increasing day by day, and its light freezing and coking characteristics have greatly limited production. Development in the field of storage and transportation. How to realize the use and economical energy saving in the production, storage and transportation of asphalt by electric heating is a new topic in recent years.

The main equipment that requires heating for petroleum bitumen includes production filling equipment and conveyor equipment There are currently four main methods for heating asphalt: casing heating, heating pipe, electrical belt, heating pipe, heat transfer cement.

Heated hull. Wrap the asphalt supply main pipe inside the housing and install the insulation layer outside the housing. The heat sink is supplied inside the case. There is full contact between the housing and the main pipe, and the heat is mainly monitored by thermal conductivity.

heating tube. The heating pipe and the asphalt transport pipe are parallel and connected by thin iron wire, etc. D., and the actual distance between them may be different. The bitumen supply line enters the insulation along with one or more tracer tubes. The heating medium is fed into the heating pipe, and the heating pipe and the main pipe are in linear contact or partial point contact, or there is no contact, and the heat is mainly heated by thermal radiation.

Electric heating cable. The structure is similar to the heat pipe, but the heating cable is thinner, the cross-sectional area is smaller, the flexibility is better, it is tight to the main pipe, fixed with the main pipe with a special tape, and the diameter of the outer insulation layer is smaller. The electric heating cable is powered to generate heat and then transfer heat to the dispatcher. It is made of conductive plastic and two parallel tires plus an insulating layer. It is in close linear contact with the main tube, using the principle that the resistor housing generates heat in the circuit, or the skin-the AC high voltage effect generates heat, which is transmitted by the thermal conductivity of electrical energy. Addition to the heat sink of the supervisor.

Thermal Grease Heating Tube. The difference from the electric heating pipe is that the gap between the heating pipe and the main pipe is filled with heat-conducting cement, which insulates the air in the main pipe and the fittings of the heating pipe, so that they fit tightly together. The heating pipe transfers heat to the main pipe through the heat-conducting cement.

The asphalt environment is easy to freeze and coke, and due to the need to save energy and reduce consumption, the choice of heating method is increasingly appreciated by manufacturers and design units. After many years of practice, the choice of the heating method should be adapted to local conditions. According to the different air-conditioning workrooms, the heating method should be reasonably selected and taken into account in the design, construction, maintenance, overhaul and other aspects. Achieve the greatest economic effect.

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