Application of electric fire extinguishing pipeline heating in mine boom loading system

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2022-10-13 10:39

The loading system of the sorting plant takes on the task of loading commodity coal into the mine by rail and is an indispensable and important part of the whole coal realisation work. As an auxiliary link of coal mining, in the daily production work of the sorting and loading system, hazardous factors such as water, fire, gas and coal dust also threaten the life safety of ground personnel and affect the company's social image.

In 2020, we delivered electric heating cables to Shandong Energy's coal mine in Inner Mongolia to ensure the safe operation of the coal mine sorting plant 24 hours a day.

The loading system of the sorting plant has four belt conveyors with a maximum loading speed of about 700 tons/hour. In winter, due to the ventilation of the two-line drive coal hopper of the loading system, as well as the fact that the boiler room supplying heating cannot continuously provide heat for 24 hours, there is half water supply under the loading warehouse. In the year from November to April of the following year. it was damaged by freezing under the warehouse, and pipe connectors and water pumps were damaged by freezing. Despite the fact that in winter there are fire extinguishing and dust removal equipment under the loading warehouse, there is a potential safety threat due to lack of water.

Among many schemes, the shielding unit has finally chosen to install electric heating cables for fire fighting and dust removal piping. This scheme features low investment, energy saving, high efficiency, safety and reliability, easy operation and easy maintenance.

The electric heating cable is wound on the fire fighting equipment and dust removal line, and the electrical energy is converted into thermal energy to supplement the heat loss of the pipeline at low temperature to keep the leaking environment in a reasonable process. Temperature.

Our proposed self-regulating low temperature electric heating belt has a new type of flame retardant and flame retardant shell that does not ignite and does not support combustion even when in contact with an open flame. After years of use, even if there is a short circuit or an aging problem in the circuit, our electric heating cable will not burn out. In addition, the explosion-proof metal protective mesh makes electric heating safer in the coal mine coal transportation system.

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