Application of electric heating rod production technology to prevent oil wells and paraffin removal

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2022-09-29 11:08

The phenomenon of the deposition of paraffin in oil wells is common in the process of oil field development. In the process of crude oil extraction, due to the decrease in temperature and pressure and the yield of light hydrocarbons, paraffin dissolved in crude oil will be deposited as crystals and adsorbed on the walls of tubing and casing, oil well pumps and other oil production equipment. Paraffin deduction in oil wells is one of the outstanding issues affecting the high productivity and stability of oil wells. Paraffin prevention and paraffin removal are important elements of oil well management.

Commonly used paraffin removal measures: hot washing, heating, ultrasound, microorganisms. However, there are many problems in actual operation. Some low-pressure wells are easily washed, causing contamination of the formation, and no liquid is formed during well flushing, but the paraffin deposition is serious, so the well needs to be flushed to remove the paraffin, and sometimes it is necessary to flush the well to remove the gridlock to restore production.

Power outages can easily solidify crude oil in the wellbore, causing pumps to jam, and frequent removal of plugs can easily damage the formation, cause secondary pollution and form a vicious circle.

Although these paraffin and paraffin removal measures have a certain effect, it is impossible to fundamentally solve the two main problems in the actual production. To solve these problems, it is necessary not to perform cleaning, power off and pump jamming Oil extraction technology with electric heating rod It can do both of these things.

The electric heating rod oil extraction technology mainly uses the principle of electric heating to lower the cable through the hollow pumping rod into the well. After the power is turned on, the well cable is used to heat the pumping rod and then heat the crude oil in the pipe, So that the kit can dissolve the pumped oil The wax on the rod plays the role of removing and preventing the paraffin, and can keep the crude oil temperature in the wellbore above the freezing point and the paraffin deposition point. Thus, the problem of paraffin deposition is fundamentally solved, the vertical way of dosing antiparaffin and washing the well to remove the paraffin is stopped, the contamination caused by the formation of the well washing brigade is eliminated, and the oil layer is protected. The problem of pump jamming caused by power failure is also solved. After power on, first heat the wellbore to melt the condensed oil in the wellbore, and then start pumping out the well to prevent the pump from getting stuck due to crude oil. Oil setting, and there is no need to clean the well or check the pump. The map is solved.

The whole set of process equipment includes: power distribution cabinet, hollow pumping rod and special cables. The switchboard is placed on the ground. After the cable comes out of the electrical cabinet, the Unicom hollow rod is lowered together to a depth of about 1000 m. The cable and the pumping rod form a circuit. The cable is equivalent to the resistive wire., the main heating element, and the heat will decrease after the power is turned on. It is transferred to the pumping rod, and the pumping rod is equivalent to zero line, and the voltage to the ground is zero, so people will not get an electric shock when touching it.

In 2021, the oil field in Tangshan adopted our Huaning electric heating rod oil production device. After more than a year of field application, the effect was satisfactory and the expected goal was achieved. It only needs to be heated regularly without taking any other measures to maintain normal oil well production, which reduces management complexity, improves oil production rate, ensures production completion and prolongs the well's non-repair period. Oil well, saving a lot of maintenance fees and operating costs, reducing operating costs.

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