Economic advantages of electric heating and thermal insulation of pipelines in agglomeration thermal power plants compared to steam heating

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2022-09-28 10:59

For a long time, the main way to preserve heat was steam heating. It dissipates heat through a steam heating pipe, compensating for the heat loss in the insulated pipe. However, the steam heat sink is not easy to control, and the heat preservation efficiency of the device is at a low level. Pipelines that need electric heating are complex in power plants, and steam heating pipelines are inconvenient. In the steam heating pipeline, the phenomenon of “running, cotton, dripping and leaking” often occurs. Each part of the winter maintenance must spend a lot of effort and material resources on the pipeline to ensure the safe operation of the power plant in winter.

The principle and application of self-limiting temperature electric heating

The self-limiting temperature electric heating solution is mainly supplemented by self-limiting temperature electric heating cable. The self-regulating heating cable is a ribbon heating cable made of high polymer wire composite material with a positive temperature resistivity coefficient.

Self-limiting temperature electric heating tape consists of conductive plastic, 2 parallel tires, an insulation layer, a metal shielding mesh, and an anti-corrosion table coating. The conductive plastic treated with plastic and conductive carbon particles is a heating core. The whole temperature control process of the electric heating cable is automatically adjusted by the material itself, and the control temperature will not be too high or too low.

Electric heating has the following advantages:

1. The device is simple, the heating is uniform, the control is accurate, the remote control is possible. 2. explosion-proof, all-weather, high reliability and long service life. 3. No leakage, good for environmental protection. 4. saving steel: no heating pipeline. 5. Saving insulating materials. 6. Save hot water, no need for user privacy. 7. It can realize electric heating when steam is not possible. 8. The volume of work is small, the construction is convenient, and the maintenance is small. 9. high efficiency and low power consumption.

Economic comparison

On the example of the thermal insulation of steam water pipes of a boiler in a 2000 m area of a steel agglomerate with cold waste thermal power plants, an economic analysis of electric heating and steam heating was carried out.

  1. investment comparison
    Electric heating pipe: steel pipe DN20, length 2000 m, total weight 3.32 t. The estimated cost of the steam tracking program is 183,000 yuan. Complaints related to the use of imported electric heating solutions are estimated at 349,000 yuan. The investment estimate for the electric heating solution provided by Huaning is 163,000 yuan.

    Total investment ratio of three schemes:

    Steam heating: Imported electric heating: household electric heating = 1:1,9:0,89

    Operating cost comparison
    Steam heating: Steam consumption cost + heating pipe maintenance cost is 89,600 yuan.

    Electric heating cable with self-limiting temperature is used in electric heating, and the annual energy consumption and maintenance costs are 33,700 yuan. Operating cost ratio of the two schemes

    Steam heating: electric heating = 2.65: 1

    Economic benefit
    The investment in the steam heating scheme is 52.5% of the imported electric heating scheme, And investments in the steam heating scheme account for 112% of the domestic heating scheme, but the operating cost of the steam heating system is 265%. From electric heating. All three schemes can meet the insulation and antifreeze requirements of pipelines. Therefore, by analyzing the annual cost of comparing the three schemes, the annual cost of heating steam heating is: 10.7 yuan, and the annual cost of imported electric heating is 62,800. Our Huanang annual fee is 47,300 yuan.

    Through analysis, we can learn that using our self-regulating electric heating cable requires less investment, low operating costs and significant economic impact.

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