Intelligent Remote Control System Electric Heating Collection Station

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2022-09-30 10:23

Electric heating refers to an electric heating device using electrical energy to compensate for the thermal losses of an object heated during the process, so that its temperature can be maintained within a certain range. The electric heating system is mainly composed of power supply, electric heating cable, temperature controller, junction box, double-sided, three-sided, tail and other components. In the oil and gas industry, electric heating is not used to raise the temperature of the environment, mainly used for protection against condensate, freezing and process insulation.

Winter in the northern part of my country is very cold and long, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. To prevent the freezing of pipelines, valves and appliances of the dehumidifier tank, separator, liquid separation tank at the gas assembly station, due to low temperatures, the electric heating system of the gas assembly station is mainly used in autumn, winter and spring, It will be put into operation during the production period (October-April next year). Gas assembly station is in open operation. Or it must be started and stopped manually. Due to the large range of temperature changes during the day and at night, frequent starts and outages of electric heating depending on the change in temperature increase labor costs, and the impact of electric heating is difficult to control. To prevent the equipment and meters from causing freezing, the heating cable is constantly on, and the electric heating is still in a state of heating at a high ambient temperature during the day. How to ensure the safe and stable operation of the electric heating system while reducing energy consumption is a new direction for gas assembly stations in the northern oil fields.

Based on the principle of climate supplementation, according to ambient temperature changes and seasonal temperature changes at different times of day and night, the working state of the electric heating system is dynamically adjusted, and the timing of electricity output is selected automatically, which not only ensures the safe and stable operation of equipment and meters, but also saves electricity.

Install an intelligent electric heating control unit and a temperature sensor to monitor the ambient temperature and the shutdown temperature in real time. The control system performs logical calculations of ambient temperature, pipe wall temperature and set temperature, and the intelligent control system issues switching instructions to realize electric heating. Thermal automatic start and stop. Energy saving is achieved by reducing the operating time of the electric heating.

The intelligent electric heating control unit is suitable for the automatic control of electric heating products, such as self-regulating electric heating cables and constant power electric heating cables in petrochemical plants and mines, and is the center of the entire electric heating system.

In 2021, Huening delivered a batch of intelligent electric heating control systems to a major oil field in northwest China. With the help of the DCS system platform we have developed, the oilfield personnel can see the working state of all electric heating systems, the current temperature and other parameters, as well as carry out remote control.

After the gas assembly station uses our intelligent electric heating remote control system, the labor intensity of the employees decreases. Colleagues have further subdivided the power distribution factor of the gas assembly station and achieved the expected effect, which has the perspective of popularization and application.

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