Standards for the selection of electric heating of technological pipelines at petrochemical plants

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2023-05-29 10:46

Electric pipe heating technology is a new type of heat preservation and freezing protection technology. It has found wide application in the production of various industries.


The principle of electric heating: when the pipe is working, due to the lowering of the ambient temperature, the molecules are compressed, when the carbon particles pass through the circuit, the heater begins to heat up, when the temperature rises, the molecular electric plastic can rapidly expand the carbon particles, open circuit, increased resistance and closed circuit formation. which further reduces the heating power, Increased heating power with heating wire.

With the rapid development of my country's economy and society, the traditional steam heat exchanger technology has been replaced by new technology. In our country, we have carried out extensive research in the field of electric heating technology and made significant progress. The process of heat preservation by electric heating should be considered in the following situations: first, it can compensate for the heat loss of the environment inside the pipeline so that the temperature on the supply meets the needs of the pipeline; second, the heat loss will create condensate in the gas transported through the pipeline, third, the operating time due to a sharp drop in average pressure. The pipeline is easy to shut off; fourth, during the shutdown during transportation, the medium temperature in the pipeline drops sharply due to heat loss, as a result of which the medium is not blown and the pipeline is easily solidified; fifth, due to the heat loss, the pipeline medium will partially crystallize; Sixth, freezing point of the environment and the environment or higher than the environment.


Electric heating is commonly used in the transportation of pipelines, valves, and pumps in industries such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, engineering, and food. In recent years, electric heating technology has been widely used to solve problems that are difficult to solve with traditional heating methods, such as long heat pipes, small heat pipes, and thermoplastic non-metal pipes.

Electric heating technology is widely used not only to ensure heat transfer through the pipeline, but also to provide small gradient, long time, no pollution, safety and reliability, high price, simple design, saving resources, remote control, long-term use. Use etc. D., and the need for thermal energy is much lower than that of electric heating, suitable for long-term use, this is the direction of the country's technology development, and it is worthy of long-term national development and promotion.

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