The role of electric heating cable in the anticoagulation and anti-blocking of pipelines of the coal resin hydrogenation plant

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2023-05-27 10:33

Coal resin hydrogenation plant is a resin hydrogenation reaction process, so a large amount of condensable raw materials, petroleum products, heavy oil, residual oil, etc. are present in the production process. D. In the process of pipeline transportation, due to the gradual increase in temperature Decrease, the viscosity of the oil gradually increases, and it can even harden and clog the pipeline.


Steam heating is a widely used way to maintain pipeline heat loss in chemical plants as it features ease of operation, high heating rate, large heating range, and low operating costs. The effect is always maintained at a relatively low level, and the phenomenon of "escape, popping, dripping and leaking" often occurs in the heating pipeline, so steam heating is commonly used in the operation of materials in the pipeline. Less than 160 °C.

Hot water heating mainly uses hot water as a heat carrier and is generally suitable for pipelines with low operating temperature or high temperature heat carrier, which cannot be used and the total temperature is maintained below 90 °C.


Electric heating is mainly the process of converting electrical energy into thermal energy. Connecting a power supply through a transformer makes the heating tape work, and the energy provided by converting electrical energy into thermal energy is sufficient to provide the most acceptable process temperature. Heat carrier. Generally, the temperature of the medium is maintained at 30 ~ 120 °C. The electric heating is designed to generate heat evenly along the direction of the pipeline, not to provide thermal energy at one point or a small part of the pipeline. This type of pipeline is small and temperature adjustment will not be performed in steam heating. Used, or it will be high or low. Due to the inconvenience of bending, it is very likely that it will cause leakage, so electric heating is used.


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