Melamine Plant Process Pipeline Electric Heating System

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2023-05-25 10:31

The chemical company's melamine plant decided to update the valves and pipelines of the melamine reactor with a high-temperature electrical system.

According to the technological requirements, under normal operating conditions, the temperature of the rebar of the reactor and pipelines is maintained at 380 ± 5 °C. Therefore, our mineral insulated heating cables have been selected for temperature compensation. Mineral insulated heating cables consist of a metal core (heating body), the core is tightly surrounded by mineral magnesium oxide (insulation layer) and a metal tube (usually made of copper, steel, or stainless steel, 316L), which has been subjected to multiple drawing, alloy 825, etc.). Our mineral insulated heating cables have a maximum operating temperature of 600 °C and a maximum thermal resistance of 800 °C.

After professional engineering design, the estimated thermal losses of the main and auxiliary pipelines at the outlet of the triamine reactor are 383.3 W/m and 193.9 W/m, respectively. It is secured with stainless steel ties to enhance heat transfer, and the outside is covered with a layer of stainless steel mesh, and the insulation thickness of the magnesium silicate shell is 70mm. This scheme does not use thermally conductive cement and aluminum foil, mainly taking into account the fact that local overheating of the high-temperature heating main will lead to damage to the pipeline. The electric heating scheme of the pipeline fully uses the original electrical control system, including the main circuit, leakage protection in the control system of the RSU, etc. D.

The conversion was completed on March 20, 2012. The temperature required for the reactor and pipeline valve is regulated by the DCS instrument. The temperature inside the valve reaches 380 °C, and during the trial run it reaches 420 °C. Increase the installation temperature during start-up, stop and emergency conditions, reduce the temperature setting value accordingly during normal operation. After more than a year of operation, the valve heaters and pipeline heat pipelines operate stably and reliably, fully meeting the needs of production and achieving the goal of technical conversion.

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