The use of electric heating to protect ships from freezing in cold regions

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2023-05-24 14:53

A type of diver support ship must operate in cold areas, and mechanical equipment and piping on the open deck of the entire ship must be heated to prevent icing.

General diving vessels are obliged to ensure that the mechanical and electrical communication equipment on the open deck of the whole ship does not freeze and maintains normal operating conditions in an external environment with a minimum operating temperature of 10 ° C outside and maximum wind. Speed 20 m/s.

Especially when freezing temperatures and accompanied by rain and snow, outdoor equipment and pipelines are easily frozen and clogged with snow, which has a great impact on the operation of equipment, the continuity of pipelines and the safety of personnel. Outdoor air pressure After the loading tank head freezes, the pump will not be able to fill and pump seawater into the tank, which will cause the ballast tank to lose the load adjustment function and create a serious safety threat to stability. Ship;

After the ventilation blinds are blocked by rain and snow, the functions of internal and external ventilation and heat exchange will be lost. The main engine compartment can be turned off due to lack of oxygen, and human life will be threatened due to lack of oxygen; escape routes, handrails, stairs, Emergency exit In case of freezing of the hatch cover, the evacuation device will not be able to provide the evacuation function, which will pose a serious threat to human life;

If the fire pipe freezes, it will make it impossible to spray water to extinguish the fire in the event of a fire;

If the helicopter platform is covered with ice and leads to That the aircraft cannot land or slide, it poses a great threat to the rescue of the aircraft and personnel;

Lifting equipment, navigation systems, windlasses, radars, cockpit windows, etc. D. Will freeze due to freezing and will cause their function to be disrupted. The failure of these devices will result in the paralyzed state of the entire ship, especially in sea operations away from the mainland. The collapse into a paralyzed state will pose a great threat to the ship and the people on board. In order to prevent the above hidden dangers and impacts, all outdoor equipment and pipelines must be equipped with automatic electric heating and anti-freeze protection.

The purpose of designing an automatic heating, heat preservation and freezing protection system is to provide automatic monitoring with built-in or external automatic temperature adjustable heating cables in the heating terminals of each equipment, and to install temperature sensors outside for detection. Automatic start at low temperature and reach a temperature several times higher than the freezing point. It will be automatically turned off after high temperature, and automatic anti-icing function will be realized.

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