Application of heating cable for snow melting and ice melting on the slope of the underground garage

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2023-05-09 09:48

The accumulation of snow and icing at the entrance of the automobile ramp to the basements introduced serious hidden dangers and inconveniences for smooth road traffic and traffic safety, in terms of shortcomings such as strong resistance and damage to the soil ecological environment. Due to the simple principle of operation and the absence of pollution, the thermodynamic method of snow melting is often chosen as one of the measures to melt snow and ice on the slopes of roads. However, the traditional thermodynamic method using geothermal, solar and other heat storage technologies has various disadvantages. Since the heating cable has the advantages of safety, durability, environmental protection, easy operation and convenient control, in order to improve the effect of melting snow and ice on the slope, save energy and reduce emissions, and protect the environment, the heating cable is placed in the concrete protective layer to achieve the function of melting snow and ice.

The heating cable chain is set in the subscheme and sub-section When there is ice and snow, the sensor placed in the concrete protective layer controls the ramp heating cable to melt snow and ice so that there is no snow on the track. A concrete surface, such as a car ramp, provides driving safety and the base layer is insulated. The thermal material uses a thermal insulation reflective film to ensure thermal conductivity.

The heating cable has one conductor. This type of cable can be used to melt snow and ice on the ramp, and it also has high safety. The load-bearing capacity of the cable can also withstand the load of the car strip.


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