Application of electric heating rod for freezing protection of gas effluents in metallurgical plant

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2023-05-09 09:50

Gas desiccant Internal gas desiccant is a device designed to drain condensate in a gas pipeline and prevent gas leakage. In areas with a cold climate, at temperatures below 0 ° C, in order to avoid freezing inside the dehumidifier, which affects the use of the dehumidifier and leads to safety violations, it is necessary to heat the dehumidifier while maintaining heat. Heating drainage is usually carried out by steam and electric heating.

Take the example of a large steel company in Shandong Province. In total, the company has 300 gas drainage devices, all of which are built-in steam satellites with independent heating chambers. This heating method has no potential safety hazard when gas enters the steam line, but the steam heating dehumidifier has the following disadvantages:

(1) The diameter of the steam heating pipe is small If there is no heating in spring, summer and autumn and there is no steam in the pipe, it is easy to rust and block the pipe, Which will lead to failure heating in winter and freezing of the drain hole.

(2) Steam heating cannot accurately control the steam flow and therefore cannot accurately regulate the temperature in the dehumidifier. When the steam flow rate is too large, the temperature inside the desiccant is too high, which easily causes toxic or carcinogenic substances in the gas condensate to easily escape into the atmosphere and pollute the environment, and at the same time cause energy loss and increase the condensate treatment cost. When the steam flow rate is too low, it is easy to cause insufficient heating, resulting in freezing of the drainage device, loss of its function and even an accident.

(3) Steam heating can easily lead to "flow, popping, dripping, leaking" and other phenomena, resulting in a waste of energy. Therefore, the gas protection station of the company is considering the issue of replacing steam heating with electric heating. Given the complexity of the design and the easy aging of the electric heating belt, it was decided to apply the electric heating method.

Electric heating is divided into two types: electrotape and electric rod. After a comprehensive cost and safety analysis, the company decided to accept the electric heating method we proposed.

Insert the electric heating rod directly into the water valve chamber of the dehumidifier for heating. The electric heating rod is in the gas condensate because the condensate contains a large amount of

In the presence of a large amount of dirt, acid and other substances, the electric heating rod is very easy to burst, which poses a safety threat. Therefore, Huaning technicians and the company's gas protection station employees borrowed from a new type of electric heating gas dehumidifier produced by the relevant dehumidifier manufacturer, and jointly developed an independent heating chamber and water at the bottom of the dehumidifier, as well as a sealed chamber. Completely insulated Turn on, insert the electric heating rod into the heating chamber, first heat the water in the heating chamber, after the water in the heating chamber is heated, then emit heat into the surrounding waterproof chamber to achieve the purpose of heating.

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