Malfunction and methods of treatment of electric heating on the offshore oil well platform

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2023-04-06 12:03

To ensure the normal operation of the electric heating system, the electric heating system of the piping shall be used for preventive inspection at least twice a year, the constant temperature induction system shall be checked regularly before the cold season, and the heating wires, accessories, insulation layers shall be checked, or the waterproof coating shall be repaired and replaced immediately if damaged. Common faults, possible causes and solutions:

The first kind of fault and the way it is treated

The phenomenon of the fault is that the heat output of the system is normal, but the temperature of the pipeline is below the calculated value. Possible reasons: the insulation layer is wet, the thermostat regulator is not adjusted correctly, the parameters used in calculating the heat loss do not correspond to each other. Treatment method: Replace the wet insulation layer with a dry layer and add a waterproof coating, adjust the thermostat regulator again, recheck the calculation parameters and make the necessary adjustments.

The second kind of fault and method of its treatment

The phenomenon of failure is that the electric heating belt is poorly used, the warranty period is exceeded, the defrost time is extended or the ambient temperature is too low, and the antifreeze effect is poor. Possible reasons: poor product selection or low technical parameters; too thin insulation layer or no waterproofing, so that the heating belt works for a long time at low temperature and high power, and the attenuation factor is too large. Processing method: According to the manual, preliminary design and product selection; thickening of the insulation layer (30-50mm) and good waterproofing work, so that the electric heating belt can work in a dry condition; choose quality products from famous brands.

The third type of fault and its treatment method

The phenomenon of fault is that the electric heater belt is not hot or the heating and cooling are uneven. This can be: lack of insulation; the insulation layer is too thin or uneven in thickness; power work, serious loss of energy costs. Treatment method: choose the electric heating belt from the ordinary manufacturer that was in operation, with the correct certificates and marked nameplate, various technical indicators and dates of manufacture, make insulation, install it according to the product instruction, and make the waterproofing layer according to authority. Temperature message layer to make the electric heating belt work in a dry state.

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